Buildings have to be consistently evaluated on a case-by-case basis because buildings might vary in their “tightness”: that is, their resistance to infiltration of outside air, leakiness of their air transport systems, location, the degree of physical security and easiness of access for outsiders.

Buildings, however, do not merely provide shelter or enable occupants to perform their day to day routines, but buildings are also built in order to resist or withstand any sort of disaster damages such as fire, earthquakes, wind, and other hazards.

Safety measures in buildings normally will help to reduce the probability of injury to occupants and thereby minimize the disruption of operations in the facilities. However, threats to buildings are not just limited to natural and industrial disasters but also unintentional releases of hazardous substances.

Other than that it is important to protect the building in the long run because considering the changing weathers in Malaysia that which always influence by the constant changes in their climate from hot weather to rainy season might slowly cause your buildings to slowly grow mold, faded painting color and corrosion to the structure.

Biological threat agents are threats for buildings such as bacteria (vegetative and spores) and products of organisms act as toxins which delivered as nonvolatile particulates or suspended liquids which our protective coating service can help maintain our building for a period of time proven to be a major impact that will pose danger for buildings.

Understanding the importance of building protection to design any suitable system to protect a building is the ultimate goal of protection. First, we must consult the owners about the factors that limit building design and implementation phase which needs to be considered because before engaging any project, it is important to understand the building procurement, cost and type of materials used.

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